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We are experts in organic, ancient beauty.

Our products & services support natural detoxification through cleansing to enhance natural beauty and improve overall wellness. Join our Wellness Works membership program today and get our most affordable rates, exclusive deals and more.

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Hydrotherapy has changed my life. Professional,friendly, knowledgeable staff. Answered all of my questions and made met feel comfortable. Clean inviting atmosphere.

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LaDonna G.

I received my first waxing experience and it was great. I should have done this a long time ago. It was professional with a relaxing atmosphere. i would recommend it to everyone.

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Katrina A.

Renew wellness spa has all the amenities that you need to either relax, detox, rejuvenate or just want to be pampered. I highly recommend that you check out what they have to offer you will not be disappointed. They staff is amazing & they give you your privacy but are still attentive to your needs!

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Rodney L.

Got a facial for the first time in my life today and I look so pretty. My skins glowing and feels so soft and smooth. The young lady was very nice, professional and did the service with great care. I'll definitely be back for another.

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KDA Trucking

Great atmosphere and the staff is very pleasant. The colon hydrotherapy cleansed my soul I tell you. I feel great. Definitely a must every time I'm home

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Golden Heart

This was my first time there, and I had an appointment for a wax. The entire spa is quiet, peaceful, and the ladies who work there are very pleasant! Also, this spa caters to holistic healing, and they offer many different services that support nourishing the mind, body and spirit. I will definitely visit again and thank you all for an enjoyable experience!

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Antionette R.

Best facials in town!! Love Danielle! She is so gifted💓

Client Review

Rachel S.

Staff was great and the experience was well worth the time..i will definitely do again


Lisa H.

It was a real educational experience and my body needed it

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Camille R.

Friendly staff, Great services, Good products for organic facials, Warm environment.

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Natasha B.

love my facial it was fantastic, Danielle is wonderful ☺️

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Ginger S.

Very friendly staff and helpful. Explained the process well and comforting when I was feeling uneasy. Ms. Stacy

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Ginnie J.

It’s a very nice, clean place. They have redecorated it and made it feel even more welcoming. Staff is very helpful


Molly L.

Danielle always does a great job on my foot detox. She makes me feel appreciated

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Shirley H

Staffs accommodating, services are relaxing, in a clean an peaceful environment, great spa day to rejuvenate from a heavy week, THANK YOU RENEW!!!

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Monique J

I certainly enjoyed the experience and care, the staff was very friendly and professional Stacey made me feel sooooo comfortable thank you Stacey!

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Theresa L

Friendly, respectful and welcoming environment. I was glad to know that they were knowledge and even offered me supplements to help with the after care of my immune system and other important things to help with eating better.

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Sherronda T

Mrs. Stacey took The time I to answer ALL of my questions by this being my 1st time she also introduced me to other items that would help me in achieving my goal.

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Lawanda R

Facility is always very clean and staff is friendly. My appointment time is never delayed and starts promptly.

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Gina H.

My first time getting a facial. It was all that and more! Kieshanna put me to sleep. It was so relaxing. I'll be back

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Christian G.

I loved my first body wrap as well as the facial. I was well taken care of and the young lady who did the service was very pleasant.

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Genia S

Keshauna was very polite, caring, and passionate about her job. She knows her stuff! She worked diligently on all three services that where provided to me. She also provided me with skincare tips and recommended products from the spa. I appreciate everything she did for me. I look forward to trying some of the other services and coming back to for the services I received yesterday.

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Lashunder McClain

Stacey was phenomenal! She explains things so well and detailed. The spa is very peaceful and beautiful. I'm a client forever!

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Katrina M.

I would highly recommend Renew Wellness Spa for their outstanding professionalism and awesome customer service! The Spa owner and staff are very personable, gave great pre/post service information/instructions. I will absolutely recommend Renew Wellness Spa!

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Krissie S.

Every time I go there I get awesome service and a special shout out to Danielle she takes her time and explains everything before she does any kind of treatment makes it very comfortable


Tyree B.

Your staff has always been friendly and informative of products and not pushy of services.

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Tracey B.

I truly enjoyed my experience and will definitely come back. Thank you


Monique R.

The boss, lovely Daniel and the rest girls are super understanding, work with your health situation, extremely professional and open to everything new, nice prices.

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Larisa T.

Awesome service, total relaxation and zen environment.

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Stacey B.

Love the experience. I was nervous because it was my first-time, but the woman explained and talked me through everything perfectly 🥰

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Tyerra P.

The best experience relaxing and rejuvenating


Shakeiteia H.

Great experience. Great knowledge. Professional atmosphere.

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Jesse J.

Our Services


Colon Hydrotherapy
Colon Hydrotherapy is a safe, gentle internal bath using warm, triple purified water. Each healing session rehydrates and stimulates your gut to remove excess fecal matter, mucus and other toxic substances from the colon. Colon hydrotherapy is also known as colonics, colon irrigation, and colon therapy.
  • Single Session • $85
    Member • $59
  • Basic Cleanse (3 + sauna) • $225
    Member • $165
  • Power Cleanse (8 sessions) • $500
    Member • $410
  • Renew Cleanse (12 Sessions) • $670
    Member • $540
Ionic Foot Bath
The Ion Cleanse footbath is an external detoxification method that removes toxins through the approximately 169 lymphatic system drainage points on the feet. The body detoxifies using positive and negative ions while you are comfortably seated with your feet placed in a container of warm water.
  • Single Session • $50
    Member • $35
  • Three (3 ) Sessions • $140
    Member • $99
  • Six (6) Sessions • $280
    Member • $180

Body Services

Infrared Contour Body Wrap

You will see the difference on your very first visit. Regular use of our wraps will detoxify skin, reduce inches, combat cellulite and hydrate for overall improved skin tone. All Renew wraps are supercharged with FAR Infrared Heat to maximize detoxification, burn calories, and create a cleansing sweat for noticeable results, quickly.

Choose between: European Tone Wrap (tightening), Ayurvedic Heal Wrap (balancing), Greek Glow Wrap (hydrating)Our wrap solutions are exclusive, custom food grade formulations using:

  • all-natural mineral clays
  • specialized herbs
  • essential oils and enzymes
Contour Compression Wrap
  • Single Wrap Session • $125
    Member • $99
  • Four Wrap Sessions • $460
    Member • $395
  • Six Wrap Sessions • $700
    Member • $575
Without compression
  • Single Wrap Session • $125
    Member • $49
  • Three Wrap Sessions • $325
    Member • $155
  • Six Wrap Sessions • $575
    Member • $410
Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon Hydrotherapy is a safe, gentle internal bath using warm, triple purified water. Each healing session rehydrates and stimulates your gut to remove excess fecal matter, mucus and other toxic substances from the colon. Colon hydrotherapy is also known as colonics, colon irrigation, and colon therapy.

  • Single Session • $85
    Member • $59
  • Single Session • $85
    Member • $59


PureGlo Organic Facials

So pure you can eat it! Our organic facials are made fresh to each client with raw, organic botanicas, probiotic ferments, healing herbs and cold pressed oils from around the world. Our ancient beauty recipes are true skin nutrition designed to heal, tone and renew your natural glow without harmful chemicals, preservatives, fragrances and colors.

Beauty Food Facials include a dual cleansing, an enzyme peel, steam, cleansing greens/probiotic clay mask, followed by your specialty mask which is topped off with a serum sheet mask for maximum skin healing and hydration.

  • Single Session • $89
    Member • $59
  • Deluxe Four (4) Sessions • $340
    Member • $240
  • Six (6) Sessions • $400
    Member • $250
Deluxe LED Facial Rejuvenation (Add on to any PureGlo Facial)
  • 15 Minute Session • $20
    Member • $15
  • 30 Minute Session • $30
    Member • $25
Oxygen Glow Mask
  • 15 Minute Session • $20
    Member • $15
Back Facial
  • Single Session • $45
  • Single Session • $65
    Member • $50
Electro-Glo Micro-Current Facials

This facial is a celebrity red carpet favorite and will have you walking out of our spa with super star skin. This is a wonderful pre-event facial offering maximum skin healing with no down time.

Microcurrent is a low level of electricity that mirrors the body's own natural electrical currents, triggering chemical reactions at a cellular level to enhance the production of natural collagen and elastin, provide circulatory benefits, and re-educate the muscles of the face.

  • Single Session • $125
    Member • $99
  • Six (6 Sessions) • $637
    Member • $535


Infrared Salt Sauna

Exclusive only to Renew, our infrared sauna houses 15 Himalayan Sea salt plates. Salt creates a ion rich environment that naturally kills bacteria, increases detoxification and improves skin with natural minerals. Chromotherapy lights help the body create vitamin D and cycle like the rays of the sun to naturally improve mood and overall well being.

Our solar carbon dry heat infrared sauna purifies the body at a cellular level by penetrating the skin for deeper detoxification. Each treatment burns approximately 300 calories and detoxifies 7-10 times more than a normal sauna.

  • Single 30 min Session • $25
    Member • $20
  • Five (5) Sessions • $100
    Member • $75
  • Ten (10) Sessions • $175
    Member • $150
  • Twelve (12) Sessions • $190
    Member • $165

* 45 min sessions available

BioMat Therapy

Come take a rest and lay on our Therapeutic Amethyst BioMat. FDA approved for aches and pain, inflammation, stress, sleep, and circulation by using infrared heat. Each session is 60 minutes.

  • Single (1 hour) Session • $55


Waxing Services
  • Brazilian • $55
  • Underarm • $20
  • Eyebrows • $20
  • Chin • $15
  • Upper Lip • $15
  • Chin & Upper Lip • $25
  • Full Face • $55
  • Sideburns • $20
  • Back • $60 Full | $45 Half

Wellness & Integrative

Nutrition Consultation or Therapy

We want to empower your beauty wellness and help you feel your best in the skin you are in. Our services support natural detoxification through cleansing to enhance natural beauty and improve overall wellness.

  • Wellness Consultation (45 min) • $45
Yoni (Vaginal Steam)

Yoni steam or Vaginal Steam-is a self-health practice to restore health and balance to the female reproductive system while sitting over a warm steam of organic herb blend customized just for you. *A $25 non-refundable deposit is required to book. Deposit will be subtracted from balance at time of appt. Wellness Works members please call to book appts.

  • Single Session • $55
    Member • $40
  • Three (3 ) Sessions • $150
    Member • $120

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Renew Wellness Spa is conveniently located near the intersection of Poplar Avenue and Forest Hill Irene Road in Germantown, TN. Our services are available by appointment only, but we invite you to stop by and see what we have to offer.