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What Is Yoni Steaming?


Yoni steaming, or vaginal steaming is an ancient practice in multiple cultures that involves sitting over a basin of steaming water infused with herbs. Despite the limitation of scientific studies on the advantages of yoni steaming, some practitioners and users claim the following benefits to be possible:

Promoting relaxation

The warmth and steam produced by the herbs used in yoni steaming may aid in stress relief, relaxation of the body and mind, and general health.

Improving menstrual health

Yoni steaming is frequently used to improve menstrual health, which includes easing cramps, regulating periods, and lowering heavy menstrual flow.

Supporting fertility

Yoni steaming, according to some practitioners, can aid in promoting fertility by boosting blood flow to the reproductive organs, assisting the body's natural detoxification processes, and regulating hormone levels.

Supporting postpartum recovery

Yoni steaming can be used to assist the pelvic area, heal and regenerate as part of postpartum recovery.

Promoting overall vaginal health

Yoni steaming may assist in maintaining the vaginal microbiome's natural balance, guard against infections, and lessen dryness.

Yoni Steaming Contraindications

It is important to note that yoni steaming is not recommended for everyone, especially women with the following conditions:

  • During pregnancy
  • If using IUD
  • In case of a fever
  • If you have vaginal ulcers or a severe infection
  • After giving birth (it is recommended to wait 9 days, depending on the physical condition of the woman)
  • After a cesarean section (it is recommended to wait 6 weeks)
  • After ovulation, if you are trying to get pregnant

Remember it is always best to consult a healthcare provider before trying any new wellness practice.