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Renew’s Long-Life Beauty Cocktail

RENEW’s Longlife Beauty Cocktail:

Drink upon rising, and before bed. Drink 8 glasses of purified water daily.

1/2 cup Pure unsweetened cranberry juice.
Just Cranberry by R.W.Knudson

1 serving living greens
Vibrant Health, Green Vibrance

1 tsp of Triphala internal cleanser
Michael Tierra’s Tri-Cleanse Internal Cleanser

6 oz of room temp Purified Water

1/2 squeezed organic lemon juice

2 fiber supplements
Renew Life Fiber Smart w/probiotics

All products are available at Whole Foods. These are recommendations, choose the product best for you.
Recipe must be pure and practiced daily to promote strong digestive health.

Two drinks a day will ensure you increase your fiber intake,  feed your colon good living greens that regenerate cellular health, introduce probiotics (good bacteria) into the colon, detoxify with Chlorophyll and Cranberry
Fight free radicals with Vitamin C and alkalizing Lemon juice.

Drink 8 glasses of purified water.
Good rule is to drink a glass of water every hour. It only takes a second and it can really transform your health. Add some green tea, or rosehips.