Renew Wellness Spa invites you to take advantage of our special discounts so that you can experience and enjoy our relaxing and detoxifying therapies. Each month we will feature different special offers and discounts on a variety of treatments and services. Be sure to mention these special offers when calling to book your appointment because they won’t last long!

Enjoy these super specials as we celebrate the holiday season and say goodbye to 2014!

$49.00 Colon Hydrotherapy!
For the month of December, all clients will receive colon hydrotherapy sessions for only $49.00 each! Get a taste of what our Wellness Works members enjoy every month! This offer is available to all clients for appointments booked in December.
* Price is per session for appointments completed in December. No pre-purchases allowed. One per visit.

$85.00 Add-On 2 Colon Hydrotherapy Sessions!
For the month of December, you can add 2 additional colon hydrotherapy sessions to any single session purchase for only $85.00!

$85.00 FAR Contour Body Wrap
This month save $65.00 off our amazing inch-loss Contour Body Wrap! Featuring FAR infrared technology and significant inch-loss, find out why our body wrap is the BEST in town! Lose inches quick, look and feel fabulous! Regular price for a single wrap is $150.00!

$125.00 FAR Contour Body Wrap + Colonic Package!
Get a fabulous deal inĀ December on a package featuring our FAR Contour Body Wrap and a single Colon Hydrotherapy session! Featuring FAR technology and significant inch-loss, find out why our body wrap is hands-down the BEST in town! Combined with a colon hydrotherapy session, this package will help you lose inches quick to look and feel fabulous! Regular price for this package is $225.00!

$50.00 FAR Body Wrap Mask!
Enjoy all the benefits of our body wraps in less than an hour with our new FAR Body Wrap Mask! Choose from our exclusive organic formulas featuring the European Tone to tight and tone skin, the Ayurvedic Heal to tighten and heal skin with spices and antioxidants, and the Greek Glow to tone and moisturize aging skin. Try it today! Regular price for this wrap is $95.00!

$50.00 Wellness Works Membership Initiation Fee WAIVED!
Sign up for our Wellness Works membership in December, and we will WAIVE the $50.00 initiation fee! Valid only for new Wellness Works members who sign up in December.

FREE Infrared Sauna Session with Benefit Service
$39.00 Colon Hydrotherapy (after Monthly Benefit used)
$99.00 Basic Cleanse Package (3 Colon Hydro Sessions)
$75.00 FAR Contour Body Wrap (Half Price!)
$40.00 FAR Body Wrap Mask (NEW)
20%-Off ALL Products in Stock

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