COLON HYDROTHERAPY: High Enema that removes debris from lower bowel.

  • Single Session…… $75.00 (Member Price: $49.00)
  • Basic Cleanse (3 Sessions)…… $180.00 (Includes 1 FREE Infrared Sauna Session)
  • Basic Cleanse Complete (3 Session with 3 Infrared Sauna Sessions)……$200.00
  • Power Cleanse (Series of 8 Sessions)…… $450.00
  • Power Cleanse Complete with Infrared Sauna (8 Sessions Each)…… $575.00
  • Complete Cleanse (Series of 12 Sessions)…… $600.00
  • Complete Cleanse Complete with Infrared Sauna (12 Sessions Each)…… $750.00


INFRARED SALT SAUNA: Deep penetrating FAR infrared light with Himalayan salt plates in private sauna room. Burns calories and detox seven times more than a traditional sauna in an ion rich environment.

  • Single Session (30 minutes)…… $25.00 (Member Price: $15.00
  • Double Session (5o minutes)……$40.00
  • Series of 5 Sessions…… $100.00
  • Series of 10 sessions…..$150.00


BEAUTYFOOD FACIALS: Fresh, raw, organic  facial food that heals, tones and renews your natural glow.

  • One Hour Facial…..$85.00 (Members Price: $49.00)
  • Series of 4 Facials…..$250.00
  • Series of 12 Facials…..$650.00

BEAUTYFOOD DELUXE FACIALS: Ultra healing therapies that enhance facials for flawless skin.

  • LED Light Therapy Mask…..10 minutes: $15.00, 20 minutes: $25.00
  • Organic Hydrogel Mask…..$15.00
  • Full Facial Oxygen Mask…..20 minustes: $25.00


FAR CONTOUR BODY WRAP (90 min): Includes full compression and sauna treatment for maximum tone.

European TONE Wrap: Ultimate skin tightening clay with seaweed and charcoal. (Do not use if allergic to sulfur or seaweed)

Indian HEAL Wrap: Toning earth clay with anti-inflammatory, balancing herbs

Greek GLOW Wrap: Toning clay with moisturizing flowers, milks and honey. (Do not use if allergic to bees or dairy)

  • One Body Wrap…… $150.00 (Member Price: $115.00)
  • Series of 3 Wraps…… $375.00
  • Series 6 Wraps…..$625.00
  • Includes one of our exclusive food grade, clay formulas with full body dry brushing
  • Includes Infrared Sauna Session & Full Body Infrared Bag
  • General Inch loss 6-20 inches. Measurement upon request.
  • BeautyFood Facial can be added for $49.00 to this service during the wrap session.

FAR  BODY WRAP (60 min): Non-compression wrap for a quick, skin healing treatment.

  • One Body Wrap…..$75.00  (Member Price: $55)
  • Series of 3 Wraps…..$185.00
  • Series of 6 Wraps…..$350.00
  • Does not include pre sauna. Includes a 40 minute FAR Body bag session.
  • Includes your choice of HEAL, TONE, GLOW exclusive clay formulas and full body dry brushing.
  • BeautyFood Facial can be added to this service for $49.00 during this wrap session.


IONIC FOOT BATh WITH SHIATSU MASSAGE: Alkalizing foot bath with a foot massager.

  • Single Session…… $45.00 (Member Price: $30.00)
  • Series of 4 Sessions…… $150.00
  • Series of 12 Sessions…..$400.00


Prices are subject to change without notice. All sales are final; no refunds or exchanges without management approval. Additional packages may be offered that are not mentioned here so please check out our MONTHLY SPECIALS. Packages and series are non-transferable. Renew accepts cash, VISA, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. Gift certificates are available for purchase!

We are experts in Beauty Wellness. It is our pleasure to serve your wellness for six years. We want you to feel great in the skin you are and make this a part of your healthy lifestyle. Join our Wellness Works Club to further reduce pricing and support your beauty wellness with discounted organic beauty products and supplements, holistic lifestyle education and community support. You are your best investment!

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Revised 11/01/2015

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