Renew Wellness Spa offers our clients high quality, indulgent experiences that enhance their health, well being and natural beauty, leaving them feeling refreshed and renewed. All treatments and services utilize the very latest equipment and technologies to ensure consistent, quality client experiences. Trained and certified therapists perform treatments in private luxurious therapy rooms.

Our mission is to provide our clients with an environment that creates a soothing space for one to nurture, relax, and heal the body, mind and soul. We believe good health care and anti-aging beauty should focus on wellness and prevention. All of our therapies help to balance the body to encourage optimal health, beauty, and vitality, bringing out the natural beauty within each of us.

Amber Sam Thompson is an I-ACT Colon Hydrotherapist, Holistic Wellness & Beauty Therapist, and owner of Renew Wellness Spa. Formally pursuing her education in holistic health and colon hydrotherapy, Amber left her job in banking to build a wellness spa that offers people therapies that empower them to enhance their own wellness, vitality and beauty. She also aimed to provide clients a beautiful, serene, spa environment where they could have a place to focus on themselves and find resources and support with others who share a passion for preventative health and wellness. Amber changed her own life by employing the same therapies offered at Renew to lose 80 lbs, renew her energy, and control her diabetes. Now she shares her passion by empowering people to take control of their health care and focus on establishing habits that encourage disease prevention.

Amber’s passion and mission often extends beyond the confines of Renew Wellness Spa. She frequently shares her message via speaking engagements at conventions, seminars, and the like, sharing her holistic wellness tips and principles to people of all types and interests. She also shares her practical holistic living tips thru blogs, printed articles, and via her Hot Green Body and Renew Wellness Spa pages on Facebook.

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