Renew Wellness Spa offers detoxifying beauty wellness services in our beautiful, green spa. Our services support natural detoxification through cleansing to enhance natural beauty and improve overall wellness. We didn’t create these healing therapies, we renewed them for the modern world an offer them to you in a safe, non toxic environment. We want to empower your beauty wellness and help you feel your best in the skin you are in.

We are experts in organic, ancient beauty. We offer a large apothecary to create raw, organic facial formulas from around the world. Without chemicals, colors and dangerous preservatives that may harm your body, our facials are made fresh for each client with food grade botanic herbs, oils and essences that feed skin to heal skin. Our facials are beauty food for your face and body. We heal skin with real skin nutrition and non invasive beauty therapies to create a healthy glow that gets noticed.

Renew Wellness Spa services utilize the very latest education, equipment and technologies to ensure consistent, quality client experiences.  Trained and certified beauty wellness therapists perform our treatments in private, relaxing therapy rooms.  We take a special pleasure in creating a healing atmosphere that soothes the mind, body and spirit. Enjoy our natural aromatherapy, healing teas and  electrolyte water with every visit to Renew Wellness Spa.

Our mission is to empower your beauty wellness through cleansing, detoxification and organic beauty therapies. We believe that we can renew our bodies and be well through cleansing and plant therapies. Our bodies are our temples and we honor our bodies with cleansing, green food and positive mind set and mindfulness to our living world.  We believe good health care and anti-aging beauty should focus on lifestyle wellness practices and natural prevention that begins within. Our world is toxic. We can create a zen within by cleansing our bodies, educating our minds and renewing our spirit.  Renew Wellness strives to educate and empower our clients with our wellness wall of organic and natural living products, organic beauty solutions, green living education and natural cleansing services.

Renew Wellness Spa promotes a green environment through non toxic cleaning, recycling and a dedication to clean, organic,  food grade, sustainable skin care ingredients.  We are conscious of our carbon foot print and take measures to reduce it by practicing green daily operating practices. We are committed to green products, non toxic environments, sustainable living practices and community education for green empowerment. We support local businesses and value our community partnerships by supporting local charities, green food producers and schools through yearly donations.
Amber Sam Thompson is an I-ACT certified Colon Hydrotherapist, Holistic Beauty Wellness Therapist, and owner of Renew Wellness Spa. Amber is an expert in beauty wellness, studying botany and organic beauty for over a decade. She is an eternal student of ancient beauty therapies, holistic wellness therapies and natural cleansing methods.  Amber opened Renew in 2009 with the desire to empower our community to enhance their own beauty wellness through cleansing, detoxification and organic living.  Believing in the power of mind, body and spirit connection, with a deep desire to preserve our earth’s natural balance,  Amber provides clients a beautiful, green, spa environment where you can  focus on your wellness with the support of others who share a passion for preventative health, wellness, and beauty. Amber wants you to feel great in the skin you are in, living ageless all the days of your life. She believes we can all look and feel our best using these natural therapies in our modern lives.

Amber changed her own life by employing the therapies offered at Renew to lose 80 lbs, renew her body and create beauty wellness that she feels shows through her glow. Amber empowers her clients to create a wellness foundation that creates amazing beauty wellness through daily habits and natural lifestyle management. Together we are better.  Amber is happy to share organic living tips at your services and offers consultations for those looking to create wellness foundations to renew your mind, body and spirit. She can assist with weight management, beauty wellness lifestyle, and provide holistic wellness support.

Amber’s passion and mission often extends beyond the walls of Renew Wellness Spa. She frequently shares her message via speaking engagements at conventions, seminars, sharing her holistic wellness tips and organic beauty principles. She also shares her practical holistic living tips in Memphis Health & Fitness, Natural Awakenings, and via her  Renew Wellness Spa page on Facebook.

Danielle Smithey: Beauty Wellness Therapist
Brittany Easter: Spa Assistant

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