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Colon Hydrotherapy

LIBBE Colon Hydrotherapy DeviceColon Hydrotherapy is a safe and gentle, warm internal bath using filtered, purified water that gently assists in eliminating stored fecal matter, gas, mucus and toxic substances from the colon. Colon Hydrotherapy is also known as colonics, colon irrigation, and colon therapy.

Renew uses the FDA-approved LIBBE device in our colon hydrotherapy treatment. Our devices are sanitized after each use with a pharmaceutical grade astringent and disposable insertion tubes are used for each client’s safety and sanitation. The client lays comfortably on a contoured table in a private room to ensure privacy and modesty. A small tube, about the size of a pencil, is inserted into the rectum 1 to1.5 inches. The client is laying directly over a drain so there is no odor. The therapist will administer the treatment. A gentle flow of water begins to fill the colon, rehydrating fecal matter. The colon will then engage a peristaltic muscular release of the hydrated fecal matter, similar to a natural bowel movement. The treatment is 30-45 minutes, however, we allocate plenty of time to ensure a relaxed, safe, thorough cleansing for each client.

To help restore a more natural colon climate, we recommend at least 3 treatment sessions, preferably 2 sessions the first week, 1 session the following week, or 3 weekly sessions. As with all major muscles in the body, to see a significant change in the function of the colon, it is recommended that weekly treatment sessions are continued for 12 weeks on a weekly basis. Of course your treatment needs are unique to your wellness goals, but Renew does offer discounted service packages for clients committed to renewing and restoring the colon.

We recommend that the client refrain from eating 2 hours before the treatment and limit soda beverages and coffee. Both of these beverages are aggravating to the colon so there is less discomfort when they are limited the day of the treatment.

Following the treatment, clients are given a chewable probiotic as well as electrolyte water solution to restore a healthy climate and balance after the cleansing. Follow-up instructions are also provided to empower clients to improve natural elimination and maintain balance in the colon following treatment. Clients are recommended to refrain from over eating, drinking, or consuming red meats and raw vegetables for 24-48 hours.

The video below provides a brief introduction to and demonstration of the colon hydrotherapy session:

Colon Hydrotherapy has been used for centuries and can be dated back as far as the 14th century B.C. The ancient Egyptian medical document known as the Eber Papyrus shows that the procedure of colon cleansing was used in the treatment of no less than twenty different stomach aliments and intestinal complaints. In the early 1900’s, John H. Kellogg, M.D., the lead physician at the Battle Creek Sanitarium for health and founder of Kellogg Cereals, used colon therapy on over forty thousand patients. Kellogg was an early advocate of exercise and “biologic living” to avoid surgery for gastrointestinal disease. Dr. Kellogg published an article in the Journal of the American Medical Association praising colon therapy’s efficacy in saving dysfunctional bowels and restoring optimal health.

Until the 1920’s, it was standard practice for medical doctors to have Colon Hydrotherapy equipment in their offices. After the 1920’s, pharmaceutical treatments increased, and in-office Colon Therapy became less widely used. A recent revival in recognizing the advantages of natural methods for healing the colon has caused a renewed interest in Colon Hydrotherapy. Technology and practitioners are meeting that interest with modernized equipment and comfortable procedures. Now surgeons and medical physicians endorse the practice of Colon Hydrotherapy as a significant complimentary and primary treatment for conditions affecting the health of patients.

The colon (large intestine) is approximately five feet long and two and a half inches in diameter, but it is capable of stretching to five times its size. This hollow, tube-like organ is muscular and moves material through it by a process known as peristalsis. The major functions of the colon are final food digestion, absorption of water and nutrients, elimination of digestive residue, and discharge of toxins and waste from the body. When the colon becomes compromised due to diet, environment, stress, and other factors, it accumulates and stores unhealthy residue and toxins disabling the body’s natural systems of elimination, purification and nutrient absorption.

Bacteria thrive in the colon. Balanced diets free of refined and processed food keep the bacteria in an optimal balance and allow the breakdown of waste and absorption of nutrients. When diet and lifestyle change, bad bacteria and yeast overcome the good flora growth and produce toxins. Toxins build up in the colon, and the body’s natural defense is mucous. Layering begins and can eventually compromise the colon. Toxins break down the protective lining of the colon and are transported by the blood to the liver, kidneys and lymphatic system for further filtering overburdening the body’s organs.

All bodies are unique and individual results will vary with each client. All clients will benefit from the evacuation of the lower bowel, as this treatment is outlined by the FDA.

Colon Hydrotherapy Treatment Session Benefits:

  • Eliminates impacted layers of bacteria, toxins, mucous and residues:  Treatments promote healthy colon surface cells and lining. This allows nutrients to pass into the bloodstream, and hormones and lubricants to be secreted normally. Treatments also help prevent toxin absorption from impacted fecal matter.
  • Improves peristaltic (muscular contraction) activity:  Colon Hydrotherapy provides therapeutic improvement of proper muscle tone, which allows a healthy colon’s muscular contractions to move food through the intestinal tract, thereby maximizing absorption of nutrients and promoting regular evacuation.
  • Reduces stagnation:  Treatments allow the proliferation of healthy bacteria and micro flora. This aids digestion, promotes the manufacture of vital nutrients, maintains a proper pH (acid-base balance), and keeps harmful bacteria in check.
  • Reshapes and tones the colon: The shape of the problematic colon can become very distorted. A series of treatments helps eliminate protruding pockets and spastic constrictions, gradually allowing the colon to resume its natural shape and function.
  • Removes undigested food particles and promotes regular bowel movements to prevent buildup of toxins, excessive fermentation and putrefaction:  The process of digestion (ingestion to defecation) normally takes between twelve and twenty-four hours, assuming that the colon is fully functional.Irregular and infrequent bowel movements allow undigested foods to remain in the colon, causing fermentation and buildup of toxic residue. Treatments remove these food particles, promoting colon health and normal function.
  • Removes parasites:  Intestinal parasites are (usually) microscopic organisms that draw energy and food from their hosts. It is estimated that 200 million people are infected by intestinal parasites. Byproducts of parasites can be toxic to the body, and this overload of toxins challenges the immune system if left untreated. Parasites can live for many years undetected. Examples of parasites are tapeworms, whiteworms, redworms, inchworms, blackworms, pinworms, little fish, threadworms, fuzzballs, spiderworms, and stickpin worms. Colon Hydrotherapy sessions support the body’s immune system by flushing out parasites.

At Renew Wellness Spa, your safety and sanitation is of the utmost importance to us at all times. Modern colon hydrotherapy equipment is manufactured through compliance with strict FDA guidelines that dictate rigorous accountability. The FDA registered LIBBE system features temperature controlled water mixing and back flow prevention valves, pressure and temperature sensors, water purification, and disinfecting standards. Each client is provided with a new single-use rectal tube.  The LIBBE device is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized using a pharmaceutical-grade disinfectant after each use in accordance with standards from the FDA, I-ACT and Tiller Mind Body (LIBBE manufacturer). We maintain very high standards of cleanliness, not only for the LIBBE devices, but also for each treatment room, bathroom and the facility as a whole. As a matter of fact, we guarantee you will not find a cleaner facility of comparable nature in the Memphis area!