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Anti Viral Detox & Symptom Relief

Flu season is here. Around Memphis, health care is deeply concerned at the level of flu already affecting many. Swine is here as well. These therapies can help strengthen the body to prevent illness, provide relief from they symptoms of flu, and strengthen and detox the body.
1. Wash hands often. Don’t use general antibacterial soap. General brands have triclosan, which weakens the immune system. Whole foods has a natural anti bacterial that has been clinically tested effective: Clean Well
2. Water: 2 liter of purified water. Get a Brita if necessary. 2 packets of Emergen C vitamin and mineral packet. Available at whole foods, walmart, walgreens (usually in the pharmacy sec w vitamins.
3. Detox Bath: Every other day (all available at whole foods)
2 cups epson salt
2 cups alum free baking soda
5 drops lavender oil
5 drops eucalyptus essential oil
5 drops red thyme oil
5 drops tea tree oil
This bath really works. It is an ancient recipe that societies who used oils as medicine used to fight communicable viruses, like the swine flu.  Online you can get oil mixes. Aura Cacia has some great essential oil combinations. The two you would need for the bath above are Relaxation, and Soothing Heat.
4. Limit sugar, processed foods and all soda. It will feed the virus and create yeast making it difficult for the immune system to fight the flu.
Good Choices: Whole grain cereals, Yogurt, Beef, fish, chicken, without chemicals and antibiotics. Potatoes are great bc kids like them and they have potassium. Bananas, watermelon, apples, pears, beans, any veggies and organic soups.
5. Create an Oxygen Rich Environment: Clean out ears, nose, and mouth with Hydrogen Peroxide. Dip q tips in a capful of peroxide and clean ears, and nostrils. One tip for each whole so you do not cross contaminate. Make mouthwash from remainder of capful with equal part water. Have him gargle it. You can add a drop of tea tree oil to further the benefit. Viruses cannot live in oxygen rich environments.